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Tracey Watts Cirino

Hello my name is Tracey Watts Cirino and I have been a hairstylist for over 20 years.

I love helping people look and feel their absolute best. Anytime I can design a look and create something that’s going to give a woman more confidence and more strength in who she is I am all for it. I absolutely love teaching people and helping young professionals learn life skills and success habits. As well as sharing all of my expert hair coloring methods and hairstylist success habits.

When you put all these together, I guess you could say “I have my dream job.”

The things that make me the most unique as a hairstylist would be my ability to take on hair color correction and major blonding challenges (honestly I think I could paint hair all day) and my work with texturizing hair.

I have a very unique talent for knowing exactly what would create that wow factor for every woman. I love helping others find their "wow" while sharing all of my success practices. 

I am a major hair nerd I actually read over 50 books last year and I am obsessed with professionalism and how people can create the best customer experience and live their best life! I think that’s my true obsession and I just happen to be really good at hair, so sometimes I say my job really is that I grow people for a living while I am having fun doing hair.

I am a boy mom; a straight shooter tells it like it is, no BS or fluff type of person.

I believe honesty is the greatest kindness I can show you.

There is nothing but boys at my house even the dog is male so I’m not very girly girl except for the glitter eyeshadow and my love of empowering women to look and feel their most beautiful.

What people love most about working with me is that I will always give them my honest recommendation about what would look the best on them. I will never sugarcoat it or tell you just what you want to hear if it won’t work or look good on you. I will always tell you what would be best. In the nicest way possible of course.

I will tell you what’s going to work best with your face shape, what’s going to look nice with your skin tone, your eye color, your head shape, your hair texture and density.  I just love to see this all come together in the most beautiful way possible to give you the confidence to shine in your daily life.

I will never give you the Yah Yah Yah’s. I will tell you what you need to do to maintain your look at home from the very first visit. Thru thousands of hours training and educating other stylists, and salon owners and leaders, on stage coast to coast, I have created a proven method of success.

If you are a stylist who is interested in leveling up your career path or a client looking for the latest trends in fashion all while enhancing your true beauty, schedule time with me right away, so we can both be beyond happy that you did.

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