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‘Tis The Season

What do the holidays mean to you?

‘Tis the season of Joy and Kindness and Giving – in any way you can.

I love this time of the year – everyone is extra nice and extra happy with abundant smiles and cheer, but unfortunately, along with the merriment comes an element of stress as well.  I personally try to focus on enjoying the moment as opposed to being overwhelmed – we will never get it all done, and it will never be perfect even if we follow a step by step guide on Pinterest!  So, where do you draw the line on perfection?  What is good enough and how do you spread the joy you want to share without spreading yourself thin?  As I said, focusing on the moment, remembering to breathe, and relishing in the excitement and enthusiasm displayed on the faces of my two boys – that’s what the holidays means to me.

Please, stop and take a moment for yourself during this festive time.


Make a trip to see Santa with a child under the age of seven and you will get an instant thrill.

Take a child with you to buy gifts for a needy family.


Bake cookies with a loved one or someone that needs your assistance – the cookies don’t need to be perfect – just enjoy the experience.

Watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” without feeling guilty about how much you still need to get done.


Come into the salon and get your hair blown out and your makeup done so you’ll look great for photo ops at holiday parties.

Sleep in!

Get a group of friends together to wrap presents and drink wine and don’t stress about the perfect package wrap!

Enjoy yourself and have as much fun as you can with those you love.

Indulge in a gel manicure and you won’t have to worry about chipped nails.

Last but not least…just BREATHE!

And remember – always know that YOU are not alone – we are here to help YOU take care of YOURSELF this holiday season and beyond!!!

 Lavishly Yours,

Tracey Watts Cirino


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