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Stuffy Salon Experience vs. Friendly Welcoming Salon Experience: Which Do You Need?

Stuffy Salon Experience vs. Friendly Welcoming Salon Experience: Which Do You Need?

Have you ever wanted to be a secret squirrel in your own business or at your office? Are we delivering a great guest experience? What does it take for you to consider doing business with us again and again? These are things I often wonder about when I lay awake at night!!!

Sometimes just checking out similar businesses as a customer gives enough insight and comparison as to what we can improve on or what we excel at. Obviously, I like celebrating the “wins” with my team of stylists and focus on ways to incorporate new and improved methods with our guest services team.

Salon Experience - Lavish Color Salon Stylist at Work

We are committed to growing long lasting relationships with our guests, and our team works very hard to foster and promote our culture and connection. We encourage our guests to always feel comfortable trying a different service provider, or getting a second opinion from another team member regarding a new custom color or cut. Sometimes all of us will gather at the color bar as a team of “Hair Doctors” to consult on the best approach for a major color transformation, balayage, or color correction.

Salon Experience - Tracey Watts-Cirino with Team

We believe in the vital power of strength in numbers – this helps us to serve our guests with the most innovative and cutting edge design and color options. We recommend that you get to know a few of our service providers so you always have the option of getting an appointment at a time that works best for your schedule. We realize that people are busy and their lives are constantly changing, so we focus on accommodating these needs by being flexible and inclusive.

Salon Experience - Stylist with Guest

You’ll never have that “stuffy salon” feeling at Lavish where you have to ask yourself, “Am I back in high school facing a panel of mean girls?” Adjusting to your schedule is more important to us than our own egos – if you’re comfortable with us working as a team to serve you, then we are even more comfortable. Our guests and their needs come first – we will never ever be angry or make you feel guilty about seeing someone else – on the contrary – we will always celebrate and welcome you. We discovered this completely by accident – that our guests love working with a few different people because they know how much we care about them, and we work hard to make sure we get things just right.

Salon Experience - Lavish Color Salon Team

We have found over the years that we operate very differently from most salons and this is what makes us unique. We are all about the guest experience – whether you love us or hate us THIS is truly who we are! We want you to have a friendly welcoming salon experience each and every time you join us at Lavish Color Salon! Let’s face it – the journey is so much more fun together than apart! Seriously, who wants to be alone on an “island” working as a total control freak??? Not me!

Salon Experience - stylist with hat

If you have been a long time guest with us at Lavish Color Salon, thank you for supporting our empowerment mission all these years. We would be nothing with out you. Please let us know if we can ever better serve you, or if you are aware of an area where we can improve – we are always open to feedback.

And if you are in the market for a new salon experience, then Lavish Color Salon is the salon for you. Give us a call today or stop by and take a tour. We would love the opportunity to serve you and your circle of family and friends.

We hope to see you soon!  Click here to request an appointment!

Lavishly Yours,

Tracey Watts Cirino


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