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How To Be a Success In the Hair and Beauty Industry

In her introduction to her educational series “How To Be a Success In the Hair and Beauty Industry,” Tracey Watts – Cirino, Owner of Lavish Color Salon of Cleveland, introduces the 5 most important career essentials!

Discover the 5 most important essentials that lead to a successful & rewarding career in the Hair and Beauty industry! We’ll take you on a behind the scenes journey. Diving deep into these 5 steps, you’ll learn to become a more successful hairstylist in this often misunderstood industry. But, first off, let’s start with a brief overview of these 5 points. We will elaborate on each topic more specifically over the next few months, sharing the secrets to success here on my Blog.

After years of training, teaching and coaching thousands of hairstylists at the top of their careers, we have gathered these essential points that you can use as your personal guide.

#1 – Success in the Hair and Beauty Industry is greatly dependent upon Continuing Education.

Dig deep to find your love of learning! Make a daily, weekly and monthly commitment to learning. Making mistakes and learning from those mistakes, applying what you have learned, re-learning and growing are all pivotal to success. Continuing education classes should be part of your agenda – something you look forward to and are passionate about. Even if you’ve already seen the specifics of a particular haircut/style or color technique demonstrated numerous times, you can still learn something new by watching it again and again. (click here to see more + video)

#2 – Consistency, Learning, and Dedication to Goal Setting.

Do the right things and work on doing them really well. Measure what you treasure. We have a saying at Lavish Color Salon: that we learned from our friends Michael Color and Peter Mahoney at Summit Salon Business Center. “Focus on winning today, and the week, month and year will take care of itself.” Be true to yourself and your career goals. Surrounding yourself with people who have similar ambitions will help you to achieve your goals, and a solid interest in furthering your education is the core to success. (click here to see more + video)

#3 – Exceptional Communication Skills.

Work on constantly improving the way you communicate. Meeting a new guest for the first time will leave a long lasting impression if you follow three simple steps. Listen to their dream vision of how they want their hair to look. Understand the challenges that they face with their current style. This is your guest’s current starting point. Therefore, you must clearly communicate what will transpire so that your guest will clearly understand. Translate your vision and recommendations for creating and exceeding your guest’s expectations. A long term guest/stylist relationship is built on communication, trust, translation and understanding.

I have never encountered anyone who was super successful in any field anywhere that didn’t feel the need to constantly improve on their communication skills. I strive to get my point across in the most clear manner. It helps to use common descriptive words so that nothing is left to chance and everything is clearly understood. So again, if you want to thrive, flourish and achieve your goals, you will need a constant commitment to improving and fine tuning your communication skills. (click here to see more + video)

#4 – Having a “Servant’s Heart” by putting other’s needs ahead of your own is super important in this industry.

WE should always come before ME. Having a “servant’s heart” is all about going above and beyond how we lavish and cater to our guests. It’s how we contribute to the community, and how we look out for each other in the salon environment.

Having our team member’s backs, along with the greater mission and vision for our team, results in a strong work ethic and can also help us achieve long-term success. It is way more fun striving to be the best on a winning team than being the best on an island of one. Or even worse – being part of something where no one really cares anyway. (click here to see more + video)

#5 – Having Dedication and a Passion for Teamwork and Helping Others.

Dedication to your work – being 100% present – being 100% engaged – being 100% focused – being 100% committed and connected to the guest you are currently serving, as well as to the team around you. Sharing your positive attitude, passion and inspiration will get you noticed. This truly helps in building lasting relationships with guests and team members alike.

One of the things our guests enjoy most about coming to Lavish Color Salon is that everyone works as a team. Everyone on our team is warm and friendly – a simple “Hello” goes a really long way! Our guests may have a favorite stylist, but they still feel comfortable going to another stylist if their schedule or budget changes. Guests always love that we make it about them and not about our own egos. Your personal obligation to everything that I’ve just talked about will translate into a successful and financially thriving career in this fabulous industry of hair and beauty.

Show up each and every day looking for a new learning experience. Learn something new every day about one of your team members and guests. Always be engaging and listen to what others have to offer. Work on your communication skills. Always be understanding and concise. Above all, fill yourself with as much education as you can. Let’s face it, you can never be too educated and you can never know everything! (click here to see more + video)

Thank you so much!

If your are in the Cleveland area, stop by Lavish Color Salon any time for a tour! We are always looking for people that are interested in launching a successful career in the hair and beauty industry and we’re willing to make a long term commitment to your growth and development. We care about your Success In the Hair and Beauty Industry! Stop by and share your talents with us and we will share our secrets to becoming the best that you can be!

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Lavishly Yours,

Tracey Watts Cirino


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