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Head held high with Confidence, it looks good on everyone!

What is the #1 thing that all women need to feel like they can tackle any obstacle coming their way? Well, I believe that confidence is the answer – it’s the perfect prescription. It doesn’t  matter what age, size, or shape you beautiful ladies are – if you are confident you can achieve anything.

Over the years, I have gained a lot of experience in this department. Growing up I was very insecure and never felt like I was good enough. I thought that it was some kind of weird girl curse, like a bunch of crazy hormones ranting. “Even though you are young and beautiful, let us make sure that you feel ugly and worthless!”  It is sort of like being trapped in your own tortuous prison. You can’t escape because you’re the one creating this harsh negative reality.

Growing Up In a Hair Salon

As a young girl, the one place I was always happiest (and yes, more confident about myself) was at the hair salon. I loved the people, the smells, the energy, and the hustle and bustle of it all.  When I was a kid, my mom worked in a salon on the weekends. My sister and I would get to go with her for a few hours on Saturday mornings before my dad would pick us up. I always remember jumping out of bed on those mornings. “Whoo hoo! Today is the best day of the week! We get to be at the salon where all the happy smiling people are!”  I would relish in sweeping hair, folding towels, getting the ladies their coffee and hand delivering them their jackets and rain bonnets.  To me this was better than Disneyland lol 🙂

I still absolutely love being in the salon on Saturday mornings. Guests are a buzz, happy knowing that they will be leaving with a new look or an updated version of their current style, ready for a night on the town.  I love this positive energy filled with anticipation, happiness and an all around feeling of wellness.

When I fell in love with the beauty business I realized I could be anyone I wanted to be, and I could surround myself with people who wanted to look and feel their best. I discovered that I had the gift and the power in my hands to make a woman’s day – to have her see herself in a new light with just the right cut and color. That moment was a game changer for me – a life altering experience.

Feeling Empowered

When a woman feels empowered she can do just about anything. She can take on the likes of a huge boy’s club meeting and deliver a contrary option with the utmost confidence. She can meet the ever growing demands of her family and work life, and still volunteer to help at her favorite charity – even when she’s tired.  I am fairly certain that it will be a confident woman that will discover a cure for cancer!

I often say keep an eye out for the strong woman with the amazing hair, wearing the perfect shade of lipstick, walking proudly in her heels. She is about to change the world! These are the women I want to walk alongside of and support and cheer on. When women rally together and embrace each other beautiful and wonderful things happen!

As always, I want to share some of my best salon beauty secrets that will help you hold your head high with confidence.😊

Here are my suggestions for feeling like an empowered confident woman this fall:

  1. Try something new to enrich your color. This will help you feel like your skin isn’t getting dull and lifeless as we transition into the colder months ahead.

great color for great confidence
  1. Get a salon fabulous blowout before a big meeting or party.  I promise you will love this more than you could possibly imagine!

  2. Try one of our Mirabella lip kits to give your lips just the right pop of color this fall! Your lips will feel moisturized, and kissable. You can relax knowing that the colors are long wearing without any of those harsh chemicals and yucky ingredients that we find in many other long wearing lipsticks.

These are on Sale now while supplies last. You get a smooth gliding lip definer, long wear moisturizing lipstick, and a kissable lip-gloss all for only $30 – that’s a savings of $48!

Stop by today and we’ll help you find your perfect shades.

Confidence and beauty go hand in hand! Visit Lavish Color Salon for a fresh hair cut and hair color, and leave feeling more confident and empowered! It follows that you really will look and feel better!

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