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Hand Pressed Color

Who wants to wear a work of art? Handpressed Color is the latest color application method  in demand to obtain truly customized results each and every time you have your hair colored.

I saw this amazing technique being performed about two years ago at the Redken Symposium in Las Vegas, and I had the chance to meet the creator, Chiala Marvici. I knew immediately it was something our team and our guests would enjoy, so I got more info on what training was needed in order to accomplish the process.  We were fortunate enough to host the creator herself at Lavish Color Salon for a fun and informative hands-on workshop.  Chiala Marvici is a globally renowned Redken Artist who has traveled the world sharing her passion and love for the hair industry.  We enjoyed investigating this highly innovative technique that helped us tap into our inner artistic talents, and playing with the palette of colors really made me feel like a kid again – laughing, creating and exploring!

You will love the customized results that produce an individual look that no one else can duplicate – it’s almost like wearing a unique work of art. And, it’s a process that’s fun for your stylist – enabling the creative juices to flow with a more focused approach.  To sum up – Handpressed Color is a truly innovative way to give a custom blended color application in less time than our standard application methods with more spectacular results.

Step 1: Decide what you want your color palette to be

Step 2: Mix up your colors

Step 3: Apply background color

Steps 4: Place colors in any pattern you choose on the clear board

Step 5: Press the black putty knife type of board onto the hair pressing it into the color on the clear board

Step 6: Process and style with you favorite products

This new method of application is used to evoke your own individual sense of style so you can feel more confident, and it allows your hair colorist to shine as an artist by tapping into her/his true creative genius.  I see it as a win win for everyone -Yay!

Here are some of the fun looks we have been able to create at Lavish Color Salon. Stop by today or call to schedule your very own customized Handpressed Color look.

Behind the Scenes: After class was over we enjoyed some extra artist fun and genuine engaging conversation. Chiala’s flight back to NYC was cancelled because of some serious snowstorms so she stayed with us at my house. My kids always enjoy having a houseguest and they pretty much refer to everyone that comes over as our cousin (can you tell we have a big Italian family?) I truly believe everything happens for a reason and it is always a good idea to make the best out of any situation. You really never know what good things can come out of it!

We all had a fun night filled with good food, delicious wine, and great conversation. I had the honor and privilege of interviewing Chiala for my upcoming  book & workshops on professionalism. Listen to the interview below!

Lavish Color Salon Team

Interview Audio –

Some links to find out more about the Handpressed Color & Chiala Marvici

Lavishly Yours,

Tracey Watts Cirino


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