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Gorgeous Prom Hair – without the drama and the tears!!!

Prom Hair 2018

Prom Hair 2018

If you can go for the splurge……… See a professional stylist 3 months before and plan your Balayage color service to create the perfect canvas for your prom night hairstyle. Talk about some possible style options that you want to explore for your prom look. Make sure to get your ends trimmed (no matter how much it hurts and you want the super long mermaid hair) and take home some professional home care products prescribed by your hairstylist. Make your prom hair & makeup appointment now to assure the time that best fits your schedule with your favorite stylist at your favorite salon. I would also advise you to schedule your gel manicure and pedicure appointments for the day before at the salon as well. This will ensure that you are photo ready for all pics snapped on prom night!

If you are on a budget……… Find out if your favorite salon has newer level stylists or new talent artists. Often times these up and coming stylists are training with a master stylist and they are able to do a great job on your color, cut and style at a lower cost – you will just have to be a little more flexible with time. If you find a new talent stylist that works for you proceed with the steps above.

very long braids prom hair
long free prom hair

If you have no budget to work with…….. Ask your favorite salon if they ever need models for color classes or cut and style work shops. I know we are always looking for models at my salon because we do a ton of in-house training. Now, one thing to remember is if this is the route you’re going to take then plan early – start thinking about it a year in advance when you first bring it up to your salon – then keep following up to make sure you stay on their radar. We even do BYOB (bring your own blow-dryer or styling tool) events and hairstyle tutorials throughout the year, which would be a great way for you to practice and learn how to style your hair so you will be really good at it by the time prom rolls around. I love getting pics from my guests who are so proud because they did a great job styling their own hair just like I taught them. Often times when you are a model for color services, the salon will request that you cover the cost of the color, which is referred to as a model’s fee, and they will provide the actual service for free – an amazing deal – and, you will still have that perfect canvas to look amazing for prom!!!!

light prom hair braid
auburn prom hair braid

Please comment and share your prom hair journey with us. If you did not find the answer here that you were looking for please send me a note or a message and I will be more than happy to respond. And for all the moms out there reading this article looking to make their daughter’s prom night memorable beyond the hairstyle and the dress, I am including a few links to the articles that helped me figure out all the teenage slang along with the mini guide below.

Fam–Their closest friends GOAT–Acronym for “Greatest of all time!” TBH–Acronym for “To be honest” It’s lit–Short for “It’s cool or awesome!” Hundo P–Short for 100% sure or certain Gucci–Something is good or cool Squad–Term for their friend group

blonde prom hair braid
darker prom hair braid
happy girls prom hair

Lavishly Yours,

Tracey Watts Cirino


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