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Frizzy Hair Got You Down?

Here are three tips for fixing frizzy hair in no time at all.

  1. What you prep your hair with matters. If the summer sun has made your hair dried out, frizzy and starved for moisture use Pureology hydrate shampoo and conditioner in the shower to prep your hair to prevent it from getting frizzy. This moisture rich formula protects your color from fading and provides frizz free moisture.

  2. Then apply a generous amount of leave in conditioner as a foundation to keeping your hair frizz free. We love Pureology 21 spray and Redken frizz dismiss. Next layer on your styling products like this. Make sure everything you use is anti humectant. That will mean that once your hair is dried (and smooth!) the humid weather won’t effect it and make it frizz back up.

  3. The most important step is using a great blowdryer. We love the Bio ionic power light dryer . We call it the conditioner with a cord because it helps your hair drys faster and reduces frizz. The blowdrying step is so important because if you don’t get your hair completely dry and smooth. It will frizz back up throughout the day. Take the extra 5 minutes and make sure your hair is completely dry. Now you’re all set to be frizz free today!

However, I know some of our guests have overly curly, frizzed, and kinked out hair textures that need some extra help and for you we recommend doing an in salon smoothing service.

We love Pro- Addiction and Brazilian Blowout they are totally worth the investment because they can last up to three months in some textures of hair and make your hair feel frizz free every time you blow dry. We have many different professional smoothing service options. Our professional stylists will diagnose your specific needs and recommend the best smoothing service that will be best for your hair texture and your hair fabric. This will ensure you have frizz free hair in just minutes a day! I sure hope this helps you fright frizz and keeps a smile on you face. Need more Haircolor and Haircare tips? Sign up to receive our newsletter that is filled with Haircare tips and time saving styling tricks.

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