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Back to School

Back to School

3 Steps to solve product clutter and get Back To School ready.

Is it just me…or do we all plan to get a multitude of tasks done during summer break – more than we actually do?

As we settle back into the daily routine of school schedules, deadlines, pick-ups and drop-offs, I can’t help thinking…where did the time go – didn’t it just start yesterday – can somebody please issue summer a speeding ticket???   I had all these plans for heavens sakes – clean-up projects – getting organized – and did I mention GETTING A LOT DONE????  I was going to create our marketing plan for the rest of the year including more blog posts and social media strategies – finalize our team retreat – tackle home tasks like organizing my home office, inspect cupboards for products that we no longer use – sift through the kid’s closets and drawers for stuff that they have outgrown – and put together a donation package.  As I sit here and ponder my accomplishments, I realize that I did get at least 40% of my goals completed – it’s not 100% but at least it’s progress!

So, in the spirit of helping others and self-motivation, we have come up with a great promotion at Lavish Color Salon – Please bring in any of your gently used products and tools that you no longer use and that are currently taking up space in your home, during August and September – your donations will benefit the Women’s Safe Shelter.  You’ll receive 20% off the purchase of two or more new hair care items of your choice and you will help shelter residents get back on their feet – definitely a win-win!

Step 1 Clean out the clutter.

Step 2 Give to those in need J

Step 3 Get new products you love!

back to school donate

We have new products to help you love and nourish your hair after the summer sun has taken its toll on your color, left you with a slimy feeling, chlorine residue, or split ends that you certainly weren’t asking for – Clean Maniac and Heat Cure are the perfect solutions.

back to school redken hair products
back to school heatcure

Thanks again for reading my blog – we look forward to seeing you, and thank you in advance for your donations to Women’s Safe.  I hope you are inspired to complete an uncompleted project – but if not, at least you can feel comforted by the fact that other working women don’t necessarily get it all done either! But, if you are one of those dynamos that whizzed through all your summer projects then please, please share your secrets – we would love any tips or tricks!!!!!

Lavishly Yours,

Tracey Watts Cirino


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