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#4 Success Essential – Have a Servant’s Heart

In this Forth Essential Element in her educational series “How To Be a Success in the Hair and Beauty Industry,” Tracey Watts – Cirino, Owner of Lavish Color Salon of Cleveland, explains the importance of learning to put “We Before Me” to create a positive connection .

Hi guys – how are you? Today I’m going to be talking about the importance of having a “Servant’s Heart” in order to be a success in the Hair and Beauty Industry. Putting other’s needs ahead of your own, and shining the light on your guests will get you noticed, remembered and appreciated.

Making a Good Impression

Show your Servant’s Heart. How amazing is it to leave a lasting impression on someone whose day you’ve just changed by connecting and making them look and feel like their very best selves? It makes no difference whether you are a Senior Stylist, a Level 1 new talent stylist just getting started, an Artistic Director at your salon, a Master On Stage Educator, a Salon Owner or even a Beauty Brand Rep – clients relish special attention and they are grateful to know that they matter. Show your clients a little love. They will so appreciate it.

We Before Me

WE should always come before ME in the Hair and Beauty Industry – never, ever make it about YOU. Showing up for people in a real way creates good energy and synergy. Indulge your guests and connect in a profound way – leave a positive impression…so positive that you become part of the evening’s dinner conversation!

Good Action With Good Intent Creates Good Karma

When you design a look that enhances your guest’s features and makes them feel good about themselves, you have achieved your goal. And when you show up for people in a genuine way – focusing on them and them alone – listening and placing intentions before actions, I promise you, you will be noticed and not forgotten. You will be the person that they will request. You will be the stylist that they tell their friends about. You will achieve the ultimate Karma!!! Referrals mean everything in this business they are like gold and this is how to guarantee you get them.

A Servant’s Heart is a caring and fixated heart that beats to the rhythm of those that it cares for. What can be more gratifying than taking the stress out of someone’s day and turning it into a Lavish Experience?

Generate Good Energy

When you surround yourself with good energy – good things happen. I promise you that a stylist with a Servant’s Heart is a stylist that achieves a successful career in the Hair and Beauty Industry. Everyone is attracted to positive vibes – and it takes the whole tribe to make this happen. Give them and you will be rewarded!

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Lavishly Yours,

Tracey Watts Cirino


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