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#3 Success Essential – Exceptional Communication Skills

In this Third Essential Element in her educational series “How To Be a Success In the Hair and Beauty Industry,” Tracey Watts – Cirino, Owner of Lavish Color Salon of Cleveland, explains the importance of developing “Exceptional Communication Skills”!

Hi guys, and welcome back to #3 in my series of video blogs on “How To Become A Success in the Hair and Beauty Industry”.

Mastering Communication Skills

Today I’d like to focus on communication skills. Mastering how to communicate is like learning to ride a bike – once you’ve got it you have it! The relationship between service providers and their clients is a mainstay. After all, you as a stylist hold the key to your client’s hairstyle needs, which in turn can make or break their mood and existence.

There should always be an open line of communication with open-end questions when deciding what and how to style your guest’s hair. Your guest is putting her/his trust in you, so if you don’t acknowledge or fail to understand what they are trying to tell you, well, it’s a recipe for disaster. Clear and open communication is the key. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or a 20-year “hair veteran”, being engaged and listening are what sets the great stylists apart from the mediocre ones.

Human Interaction and Listening

Unfortunately, Cosmetology and Beauty School does not prepare you for the human side of being a stylist. For instance, think about this: there you are at the salon holding either a sharp object (scissors) or a chemical (hair color) in close proximity to an eager recipient who is basically placing their life in your hands! Yikes — sounds scary right? Well, it doesn’t have to be if you just fine-tune your communication skills and LISTEN!

Every question and every problem usually has a solution and more than likely in our industry a happy ending. I always tell my team to work on improving their listening skills along with understanding where their guests are coming from. Think everything through – lend a sympathetic ear – listen and listen well – make everyone and anyone feel as comfortable as you can – treat them like you would want to be treated – in a comforting and welcoming manner. Be a friend – be a buddy – so you’ll connect in a deeper more heartfelt way and go beyond the hair.

Making It Personal

Hugs are always appreciated. A warm hug can make such an impact. After all, just knowing that “Hey, my stylist likes me enough to hug me and listen to me”, can be such a great feeling for you and your guest. If you go beyond hair and share precious moments or thoughts, your career will be a much more rewarding one, your productivity will excel in leaps and bounds and you will be creating a service atmosphere that everyone will want to be a part of. And what does all and any of this take? Listening, communicating and being present and responsive. Not hard.

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Do you think that you are a goal-oriented individual who is passionate about learning and education? Are you a team player who enjoys working in a committed yet fun atmosphere? Someone who is super excited about using her/his creativity on a daily basis amidst like-minded people? If so, Lavish Color Salon might just be the perfect place for you!

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Lavishly Yours,

Tracey Watts Cirino


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