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#2 Success Essential – Consistency and Dedication to Goal Setting

In this Second Essential Element in her educational series “How To Be a Success In the Hair and Beauty Industry,” Tracey Watts – Cirino, Owner of Lavish Color Salon of Cleveland, explains the importance of “Consistency and Dedication to Goal Setting”!

Welcome to Blog Post #2 in my lineup on “How to Become a Success in the Hair and Beauty Industry”.

Set Goals and Set Yourself Up for Success

I am constantly asked by industry professionals and up and coming stylists on how to succeed in the hair and beauty industry. At Lavish Color Salon, we believe that consistency and dedication to goal setting play a major role in achieving a satisfying career. I will also add, after having the pleasure over the years of speaking and training with many other salon owners and salon professionals, I’ve heard the same theories as well. Set your goals and as a result, set your career up for total success!

Daily Goals

As a stylist, it’s so important to set new goals, achieve existing ones and dream of future ones. So, how should you best go about goal setting? Celebrate with daily accomplishments, or as I like to refer to them, “bite-size chunks”. Daily goals are more attainable – more realistic – more fun – more challenging, and being a winner every day leads to weekly, monthly and yearly rewards.

Keep Going!

Now, most importantly, DON’T GET LAZY! Also, don’t try to do everything all at once and then lay down and die because you feel so burnt out. Keep up your consistency and dedication on a daily basis – no sliding or excuses. You will feel better about yourself, which will translate to how your guests feel about you. You will also be more productive and that productivity will help in giving your clients the best possible results.

Be Confident

Finally, clients love when they are in the hands of a professional stylist that not only delivers, but also exudes confidence and clear vision. Your confidence and clear vision are an integral component to setting and maintaining your goals, so take your creative spirit, nourish and nurture it on a daily basis. Stay in your goal mindset and I can assure you that, as a result, you will definitely be a success in the hair and beauty industry!

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Do you think that you are a goal-oriented individual who is passionate about learning and education? Are you a team player who enjoys working in a committed yet fun atmosphere? Someone who is super excited about using her/his creativity on a daily basis amidst like-minded people? If so, Lavish Color Salon might just be the perfect place for you!

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Come in and talk to us. Let’s see if we can make your professional dreams come true! We would love to meet you.

Lavishly Yours,

Tracey Watts Cirino


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