#1 Success Essential – Continuing Education

In this First Essential Element in her educational series “How To Be a Success In the Hair and Beauty Industry,” Tracey Watts – Cirino, Owner of Lavish Color Salon of Cleveland, talks about the importance of continuing education!


#1 Most important – Success in the Hair and Beauty industry is greatly dependent upon CONTINUING EDUCATION.

Dig deep to find your love of learning.

Daily, weekly and monthly commitment to learning. Making mistakes and learning from those mistakes, applying what you have learned, re-learning and growing are pivotal to success. Continuing education classes should be part of your agenda. This should be something you look forward to and are passionate about! Even if you’ve already seen the specifics of a particular haircut/style or color technique demonstrated numerous times, you can still learn something new by watching it again and again.

To us education is everything. Things are always changing. The only way to stay on top of trends and be the most successful salon professional you can be is…..


Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence. – Abigail Adams US First Lady 1797-1801

You may be familiar with the above quote and if you’re not, it represents a valuable guide to live by and to realize one’s professional goals.

A major part of having an accomplished career in the hair and beauty industry, or any industry for that matter, is a commitment to education.

When I first opened Lavish Color Salon, I knew I wanted an environment where stylists would be exposed to furthering their knowledge and skills.

Dedication to learning is a constant focus at our salon, so it’s a team effort and it’s an individual endeavor. We look to each other for feedback, advice, and evaluation. Education is a core value, therefore we are passionate about learning! I’m passionate about teaching and sharing my experiences to create well-rounded team members. It never hurts to know too much, because it can only make you better at what you do.

Graduation from level to level gives our team a sense of accomplishment and the desire to keep going which of course, ties into reaching one’s GOALS!

At Lavish, our goal is to see everyone thrive. We are committed and dedicated and we are always thrilled when that dedication translates to a major triumph.

Check out our other blogs and videos! We offer fresh new content to help you learn and improve and succeed in the hair and beauty industry.

Do you think that you are a goal-oriented individual who is passionate about learning and education? Are you a team player who enjoys working in a committed yet fun atmosphere? Someone who is super excited about using her/his creativity on a daily basis amidst like-minded people? If so, Lavish Color Salon might just be the perfect place for you!

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Come in and talk to us. Let’s see if we can make your professional dreams come true! We would love to meet you.

Lavishly Yours,

Tracey Watts Cirino





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