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Smoothing Treatments – Bye Bye Frizzy Hair!

HOW TO TURN FRIZZY HAIR INTO FABULOUSLY SMOOTH SHINY HAIR! As the temp heats up so does the frizz.  We all love summer, but summer doesn’t necessarily love our hair – heat and humidity create frizz and frustration!  If you are like most of us gals who flip through fashion mags mesmerized by models with voluptuous manes – or salivate at the sight of celebs with amazingly manageable, smooth, shiny hair that looks vibrant and bouncy all the time – even at the beach – you’re prob

Love Is In the Hair

“LOVE IS IN THE HAIR” …or at least it should be, unless…cold winter temps are causing dryness and the frizzies!!! With the cold weather wreaking havoc on our hair and nails, February is the perfect month to pamper and protect, so here are the top 10 ways to shower your hair and nails with a little love. 1. Make sure you drink plenty of water, 8 – 10 glasses a day to stay fully hydrated. 2. Limit your sodium intake – the wrath of winter is doing a good job of drying you out –


We are excited to share that we recently gave our website a transformation, and it has got me thinking about how much I love the fall season.  Fall is a time of transformation – you know – the cool chill in the air – the leaves transforming into bright, beautiful colors that take your breath away, and the overall feeling that we need a change as well.  Change comes in many forms – perhaps by helping others through volunteering, accelerating our own personal goals by running a

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