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Who We Are

Just a little bit about who we are! Lavish Color Salon “Where we only dream in color” When I think about what a dream salon looks and feels like, I think of all the vibrant personalities and colorful characters that make up a team, and this is where my vision of a dream team truly comes together.  I value the kindness and hard work of every team member at Lavish Color Salon both past, present and future.  We are a creative bunch who absolutely loves serving our guests, and we

‘Tis The Season

What do the holidays mean to you? ‘Tis the season of Joy and Kindness and Giving – in any way you can. I love this time of the year – everyone is extra nice and extra happy with abundant smiles and cheer, but unfortunately, along with the merriment comes an element of stress as well.  I personally try to focus on enjoying the moment as opposed to being overwhelmed – we will never get it all done, and it will never be perfect even if we follow a step by step guide on Pinterest


We are excited to share that we recently gave our website a transformation, and it has got me thinking about how much I love the fall season.  Fall is a time of transformation – you know – the cool chill in the air – the leaves transforming into bright, beautiful colors that take your breath away, and the overall feeling that we need a change as well.  Change comes in many forms – perhaps by helping others through volunteering, accelerating our own personal goals by running a

Stop And Let Me Praise You!

Our journey has been an amazing one, and I would like to thank my family for their help and constant encouragement – all of our amazing and loyal clients – our supportive friends – and of course, Team Lavish who shares our passions and dreams, and makes our guests feel extra special every single day! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your lives – we truly appreciate you – and an extra big THANK YOU for allowing us the pleasure to continue to do what we LOVE to do!

Why I Love My Job at Lavish Color Salon

Owner – Tracey Watts Cirino People ask me all the time why I love my job so much and I always have all sorts of reasons depending on the day but today I was really thinking about it and I think its because I get to be creative and meet and talk with so many interesting people. Who could ever ask for anything more? I love it! One of my favorite things to do is really give someone a total transformation. The look in their eye and the smile on their face is always priceless. Tha

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